There is unity in diversity.

Teentopia MusicFest is an event for every teen that is safe, inclusive, and fun for all. We’ve taken steps to create a festival culture that is fueled by the promise of a safe space for every teen to be able to express themselves.


We’re going to do our part to create a safe, accessible, inclusive space for everyone. Here’s how:

  • Our trained staff will be deployed throughout the festival grounds to respond to any incidents of distress.
  • Security staff will be on hand to respond to reports in violation of our Code of Conduct.
  • Restrooms available will include male, female, and all-gender options for attendees.
  • The festival’s ADA department will be working with any attendees in need of accommodations or additional services to access all aspects of the festival.


We’re looking for a collective effort to promote an environment of safety and inclusivity. Here’s what we need from you to help keep everyone safe:

  • Hold yourself and your friends accountable for your actions and your words.
  • Know where your safe spaces are at the festival. That includes our security teams, info booths, and accessibility staff.
  • Report any misconduct you witness to one of those safe spaces you’ve identified.
  • Be respectful of other people’s cultures and individual differences.
  • Challenge yourself, your friends, and your peers to be more mindful of individual differences.
  • Enjoy yourself responsibly.
  • Take care of one another.


The Teentopia Music & Arts Festival welcomes everyone as a fully accessible event. We’re dedicated to ensuring that all attendees have access to all aspects of the festival. The festival’s ADA department will be working on providing accommodations and services to any attendees with disabilities. 

Service animals are allowed at the event, but this does not include comfort, support, emotional, therapy, or companion animals.

ADA Wristbands

Attendees with disabilities interested in accessibility services will be required to wear an ADA wristband. To apply for an ADA wristband, attendees must email us in advance at

ADA wristbands will be good for the entire Teentopia weekend, and should not be removed at any point during festival attendance. Each attendee with a disability may be issued one ADA companion wristband. Companions may be switched over the course of the event with a visit to the Access Center.

Access Center

The festival will include an Access Center conveniently located for attendees with disabilities to access in case any questions or needs arise during the event.



Teentopia MusicFest is an inclusive space for all. If we’re all one, we all deserve to feel safe and respected.

That said, we will not tolerate any form of sexual harassment, whether verbal or physical nor any verbal or physical acts we deem discriminatory against others attending the festival. That includes homophobia, racism, transphobia, xenophobia, sexism, or cultural appropriation.

Those kinds of actions go against our Code of Conduct. Anyone found in violation of our Code of Conduct and stated inclusion efforts is subject to immediate removal from Teentopia MusicFest. Refunds will not be issued if an attendee is removed from the festival for a violation of the Code of Conduct.

We can do better if we work together.